Architecture and design

Lumiere Festival – light in public spaces

This January, London hosted the Lumiere festival, a series of urban light installations centered around the idea of art in public spaces. Lumiere began in Durham in 2015, a initiative of Artichoke, an NGO specialized in temporary artistic installations. After a resounding success in the north, Lu

Guerrilla Lighting – Bucharest 2017

The Guerrilla Lighting event was organized by the Romanian Lighting Association in Bucharest amid planning preparations for the international SHARE conference. The main objective of Guerrilla Lighting was to draw attention to the urban elements that make up the city’s identity using light and the

How light affects our productivity

While there are numerous factors that affect our productivity, and determine how we feel after finishing up a workday, there is one we all undoubtedly have in common – light. It is general knowledge that dim lighting damages eyesight, and that long exposure to fluorescent light can cause mi

EA Romania – a game of light

AFI2 is one of the most acclaimed office buildings in Bucharest, home to EA Games Romania. It is also an office design project that has garnered a lot of positive press coverage. In this article we decided to tackle another, less known but quite impactful, facet of design – the lighting system.

Natural light in your home

Natural light is a critical factor that must be taken into account when designing and planning a living space. The first step consists of choosing a favourable cardinal orientation, which ensures an appropriate building façade exposure. Moreover, in order to establish a good relationship between