Rembrandt – the painter who played with the aesthetics of light

In an age when Italy had a major influence on European art, Rembrandt van Rijn refused to fall into the old patterns and decided to go his own way and create his very own personal style and brand. Rembrandt left his mark on the history of art in a way that can still be seen today – even those w

Introduction to lighting pieces of art

   “Shape exists only thru light and our perception of the world is entirely dependent of it.” Claude Monet   The moment we enter a space that has art as its first characteristic we want the first visual impression to rise to our expectations. A large space, full of history, is

The Light in Art History – Introduction

Talking about a history of art without mentioning light is like talking about the history of light without mentioning the light bulb. Light, no matter its source, is at the origin of the evolution of plastic art and it is a key element in the changes it underwent over the years.   A bi-d