Lumiere Festival – light in public spaces

This January, London hosted the Lumiere festival, a series of urban light installations centered around the idea of art in public spaces. Lumiere began in Durham in 2015, a initiative of Artichoke, an NGO specialized in temporary artistic installations. After a resounding success in the north, Lu

Rembrandt – the painter who played with the aesthetics of light

In an age when Italy had a major influence on European art, Rembrandt van Rijn refused to fall into the old patterns and decided to go his own way and create his very own personal style and brand. Rembrandt left his mark on the history of art in a way that can still be seen today – even those w

Light at your fingertips

The newest discoveries and inventions bring consumers closer to the light sources they choose for their homes or offices. From 3D-printed light fixtures designed by consumers to Edison lightbulbs, they are all aimed at raising awareness about the importance of light and design in everyday life.

Amsterdam Music Festival – a great moment of 2016

Amsterdam Music Festival took place in October 2016, in three different locations during Amsterdam Dance Event: Amsterdam Arena, Heineken Music Hall and Ziggo Dome. Given the impressive lineup, everyone expected a marvelous design. And it was! The set design was made by 250K and the lightin

The story of a beautiful Timecode

We just finished the 3rd edition of The Light Design Timecode contest, in cooperation with SGM. Some professional videos were submitted as well so, from our point of view, it was quite tough to choose a favourite. Have a look at our participantsHERE and our winnersHERE. We received a video t

Vote for The Light Design/SGM Timecode Contest

[poll id="2"]   Hello and welcome to the voting area of the 3rd edition of The Light Design Timecode in cooperation with SGM. Contestants were to design a show using only SGM fixtures that would combine their creativity and technical knowhow and among the eight finalists there are many

Intelligent lighting systems – the Dial 4 Light programme

Out of all the solutions and programmes that were implemented to avoid light pollution, the ones that are closest to people’s actual needs are those that stem from other needs. Invented by regular people, these measures are much more successful, and are included in long-term plans, and are not jus