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Light at your fingertips

January 27, 2017
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The newest discoveries and inventions bring consumers closer to the light sources they choose for their homes or offices. From 3D-printed light fixtures designed by consumers to Edison lightbulbs, they are all aimed at raising awareness about the importance of light and design in everyday life.


Helios Touch designers have found a way to bring together consumers’ needs and design and efficiency by means of a simple tactile activation concept. Consisting of equal-sized pieces that can be assembled and installed however one wishes, Helios Touch is a play of light that delights with its modus operandi. All one has to do to turn on the fixture is to touch the modules one wishes to light up.

As they can be attached magnetically onto their surface of choice, Helios Touch enables consumers to change the position of the modules depending on their preferences and required light intensity in any given space. This guarantees a new design every time, which challenges creativity.


Helios Touch was designed to be a practical light fixture, accessible to everyone and appropriate for any type of space – from offices, receptions and corridors to bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Designed by James Vanderpant in his last year of studies at Brighton University’s Product design division, the innovative light fixture stood out at the end-of-the-year exhibition. It didn’t take long for James to be approached by investors who were interested in starting a large-scale production of the Helios Touch.

What sets Helios Touch apart is the playfulness it adds to a daily need. A simple touch turns on the Helios Touch module and, by combining several modules, it can all turn into a game or a relaxing way to get rid of the stress that builds up throughout the day.

Photo source: www.heliostouch.com

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