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Mindscape Studio – about Romania’s presence at iMapp 2016. Interview with Dorel Naste

September 21, 2016
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Dorel Naste is the creative director and founder of Mindscape Studio. He is a graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, and his art and video installation projects were featured at several national and international new media festivals. He founded Mindscape Studio in 2007, and since then his projects started focusing more and more on multimedia.

iMapp Bucharest is organized by creart – for Creation, Art and Tradition of Bucharest City, and produced by 360 Revolution.



Hello! What do you think of this year’s iMapp, seeing as you attended the 2014 edition, and you were one of the winners of the 2015 edition?

Every year the bar is set higher and higher. The first edition was interesting in that it was the first ever event of this magnitude in Romania. No less than 104 projectors were used on 23.000 square meters, totalling 2.000.000 ANSI lumens. In 2015, the projects of the six teams were far better in terms of concept and technical execution. It was also the first time the festival had a well-defined theme, and some of the contestants were internationally renowned studios (Urbanscreen, Radugadesign and others). Last year I won the people’s choice award with my projects titled “Bucur’s legend”. There is strong competition this year, we were given a conceptually stimulating theme, and we will see the result of our work on September 24th.

What is Mindscape Studio, how many members does the team have?

Mindscape Studio is a multimedia and creative technologies studio that specializes in video mapping, event design and interactive installations. The team consists of: Dorel Naste (creative director), Cristian Iordache (interaction designer), Andrei Drîmbă (art director), Andrei Scutaru (3D artist), Ovidiu Vlad (motion graphic artist) and Răzvan Bogză (hardware designer).


What do you think of the fact that now there is an event of this magnitude in Romania?

Most capitals and large cities in Europe plan such events. Off the top of my head I can mention Signal (Prague), Amsterdam Light Festival (Amsterdam), Festival of Lights (Berlin), Mapping Festival (Geneva). While last year iMapp was a one-day event, this year laid the foundation for a bona fide festival by including related events. I hope it continues to grow, so that in a few years we catch up with the well-established international festivals.


Do you know the other contestants, do you have any favourites?

I knew about most of the contestants before the competition. These are teams with solid portfolios and extensive experience in the field, and I’m looking forward to seeing their work on the façade of the Palace of the Parliament. My favourites are VOID from Turkey.


What was your approach to last year’s theme, “the elements”?

When I found out what the theme was, the first thing I thought about was the connection between the four elements and the characters of Romanian mythology. This is how earth became Sfarmă Piatră (literally “Stone-Crusher”), water – Lostrițele (the Huchens), fire – Pasărea Măiastră (the Romanian equivalent of a phoenix), air – Ielele (feminine mythical creatures, similar to Nymphs, Naiads and Dryads found in Greek mythology). We then had a brainstorming session with the team and reached the conclusion that a fifth element was needed, ether, which was translated into the Luceafăr (“The Vesper” / “The Morning Star”). And since we chose to reinterpret characters of Romanian mythology, we wanted to go all out and create a story about Bucharest; this is how Bucur the shepherd emerged, and he became the main element of our project.


What projects are you working on these days?

Last Saturday I had an interesting projection at the Bucharest Days event, iMapp will take place on September 24th, and on September 25th we’ll do a video mapping on the Romanian Athenaeum, at the George Enescu International Competition.


What are the future plans of Mindscape Studio?

We are in late-stage talks for several interesting projects scheduled before the end of the year. We want to explore and grow as much as possible in our field, and help the Romanian visual market develop, as I believe we need more high-quality content and video mapping, and more interactive projects for festivals and events, but also in the music and advertising industries.


You can contact Mindscape Studio via the following links: :



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